Bei Ru is a multi-genre music producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Born in LA to Armenian parents who grew up in Lebanon, his sound incorporates musical influences ranging from Electronic, Funk, Soul, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, and Mid-Eastern rhythms filtered through the lens of an LA native. 


His first album, ‘Little Armenia’ was self-released and played off of samples from rare and obscure Armenian records. ‘Saturday Night At The Magic Lamp’ was his next album and a further exploration of experimental sounds and rhythms, this time fused with electronic and psychedelic influences. His third album ‘LA ZOOO’ came out on Fat Beats in 2016. As the title suggests, it took his previously established sound and inserted a healthy dose of influence from music drifting in the Los Angeles air.  Bei Ru’s newest release is 2020’s POMEGRANATE JUICE, which is an even deeper dive into genre-bending production, adding another notch to his trademark sound. 


In addition to his catalog, Bei Ru has toured throughout Europe and the Middle-East and done work on many film and television projects, including ‘How I Met Your Mother’, Nike’s ‘Sport Changes Everything’ campaign, and award-winning VICE film ‘A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night’.